Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Mom's Beauty

One of the many things that I miss about my mom is her profound beauty. I think anyone would agree that my mom had unparalleled beauty, grace, and style. I loved going places with my mom because of how pretty she always looked. I can’t remember her ever leaving the house without at least freshening up a bit in the bathroom. My mom wasn’t superficial; she just always liked looking her best for others. Recently my sisters and I received a great gift from a dear family friend. For about a year she took my mom’s clothes and made them into a quilt, personalized to each of us with articles of clothing that meant something to us. Sometimes I feel like I am forgetting the details of my mom, but in the occasions where I see her clothing; I remember exactly the moment in which she wore those pair of jeans. And exactly the way she looked in that shirt. A remarkable attribution to my mom is the way that her children adore her. I think there are few children that can remember to such a degree the way in which our mom’s lotion smelled, the clothes that she wore on certain occasions, the way she laughed, the way she would scream when Jenny would hug her and lift her up and countless other occasions of which we reflect upon often. What I am thankful for is that my mom’s spirit is ever-present. I am thankful that my mother’s beauty has transcended through to my beautiful sisters as well as their children. In the way that they raise their children, I know it is from my mom’s example that they do so. So often when they teach and talk to my nieces and nephews, I can hear my mom saying the same thing. I am thankful that we have all attained the fabulous social skills that were shown and taught to us by our mom as she would selflessly ask others about their lives and endeavors. I marvel at the similarities in the mannerisms when I see Susan and Barbara. I see and hear my mom every time I am with them. As I watch my sweet Grandparents, I understand how my mom was so great in this life because of their abundance of love and caring for all those around them. Through the power of the Holy Ghost my mom has worked through her children in order to help the other in a struggling time. Never have a felt so strongly that my mom loves her family and tries so hard so that we may always remember that. How I miss her so. How I love her so. But I know that through the tender mercies of the Lord, her beauty will always be around me to bear me up.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Memorial Day

This is from memorial day 2010 We all went to St George. I got a picture of my dad at the grave his face it a total reflection of how he is really feeling. Its the look of pain and agony. I miss her and I still can't believ it sometimes.