Monday, November 25, 2013

My Mama's Birthday!

Yesterday was my mom's 61st birthday. I thought about her all day. I wonder if she would be looking different. What would her schedule be now. Would her interests and likes be the same as they were in her 50's. What trips would we be planning. Jenny, Shannon, Casey and I met for some memory sharing and we were able to be more positive and have a few smiles this year. We asked eachother questions to spur memories. What was mom's bedtime routine? We all remembered her putting on Vaseline to remove her eye makeup and having big black circles around her eyes before she would wash it off. She would jiggle her eyes around until I could hear them sloshing. (Question)What was mom's favorite color? (Answer)Red or blue we think. She looked fabulous in blue. (Question)What was mom's favorite time of day? (Answer)Lunchtime. We remember her sitting at the table with a sandwhich, chips, milk and a cookie reading her book. She would usually be sitting in the sunshine basking in the warmth of it. (Question)Favorite tv shows? (Answer)3rd rock from the sun, news in the morning, watching cheers with dad in bed before going to sleep. (Question)Childhood memories? (Answer)Sitting on grandma's lap and not wanting to be anywhere else. (Question)Favorite activity (Answer) walking, aerobics, being active. She was always walking us all over the place. I loved it! This is our 7th birthday without her. I miss her this time of year more than anytime else. My heart still aches. I can't wait to see her again.