Monday, October 7, 2013

Thoughts from the show!

What a fun experience this has been to be featured on The Doctors tv show. It was weird to see ourselves on tv. It was amazing to share my moms story and to see her cute face. Living with death of a family member is like ocean waves, one minute your are doing fine and the next your riding the sadness ocean wave down again. It crashes over you and you have to go through the heartache that is one minute strong and another letting up a bit but always there. I miss her so much. Im glad to have helped bring awareness of the BRCA gene. It may save lives as people get tested and treated before cancer hits. I also believe that everyone has a timeline and that Is determined by heavenly father. When you reach the end there has to be a way for you to exit this life and move on to the next. I know this was true for my mom. I think she had more work to do on the other side and she was called home. I believe cancer is one of the tools that our father uses to bring us home.