Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Mother's Knowledge

As time continually progresses, the more I realize how much my mom taught me. I find myself recalling so often things that she would say to me. I treasure the things that she taught me. I treasure the advice that I received. Imparting her words and knowledge keeps her alive.

She taught me things that to this day make me laugh: I remember one time I went to Wal-Mart with her and we decided to get a donut before shopping. We ate them and my mom said, "Ya know, I think the least that Wal-Mart owes me is a donut for me doing my shopping here."
I couldn’t agree more. And to this day I don’t feel any guilt when I enjoy myself a donut at the store.

My mom had common sense: She always said, "Money is meant to be spent and cars are meant to be driven"
Thus, why I don't always feel guilty when I spend money or drive far too much.

In going through her trials and sickness she said. "I think I knew what I was in for in the pre-earth life and what was to come and the trials I would face and I accepted them to be able to have the chance to be with my children."
My mom understood the gospel in every way. She understood that she was foreordained to be my mom and to be an example in this life and to go through the trials that she had to endure. She went through this life with dignity and grace and style. She embraced those around her who were rarely embraced by others. She loved her husband in a way that he will never be the same while he is away from her. And she raised her children in a way that for the rest of our days we will cherish her and call her blessed.
I love you, mom. Beyond these words.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Old pictures

i love to see my mom as a teenager. She is so pretty!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Changes seem to be ever present in our lives. Over the course of just a few years it is hard to imagine all of the different circumstances that can change. When the loss of a parent happens in your family, one cannot fathom the changes that come with it. Four years later, I still think every day of how my life is different now that my mom is gone. Yet, our lives go on. We continue in work. We continue in school and continue in life. Changes can be embraced as we learn to grow from them. One thing that has not changed is the love that I have for my mom. Its incredible as time goes on, I love her more. I remember more of what she has taught me in this life. I realize more of how much a better person I am because she is my mother. I love her with every fiber of my being. I hold on to her and pray for the day I may be with her again. Happy Mother’s Day, mom.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

If my mom were here I would tell her how much I love her, how much I miss her, and how I cannot wait to live in a place where we will never be separated again! My heart aches and aches. I can't wait to love her again.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Remembering you

Its been 4 years since my mom left us to join the angels. I miss her so. I can't wait to see her again. I have tremendous faith in that day and I know it won't be that long. Remembering you dear mom!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moms 3rd grandchild gets babtized

This weekend was a special weekend we were able to babtize Nick and celebrate his birthday. It went really well and I felt the spirit very strong and know that mom was there to witness this special event in Nick's life. She always had a soft spot for Nick and Nick does for her to. They really have a special bond. We missed moms physical presence but I know she was there in spirit.