Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Grandpa passed away last week. May 27th to be exact. I love my grandpa! We have spent so much time with him. He has a keen wit and a really funny sense of humor. I don't know if many people know that because he is usually grumpy because he doesn't feel good but he could make us laugh like no other. He and grandma's relationship was so fun to watch. They would get on eachothers nerves a little but always held hands and called eachother darling. I'm so happy he is out of his pain. He has really suffered these last few months. I know my mom was here I felt her a few times and I know it for sure. I know she was here to guide him back and he was so happy to see her. Seems so strange to trade places just like that. Now we are all here and mom and grandpa are there. I look forward with eagerness to see them again. Now I just worry about grandma. She is stalwart and has amazing health but this is a change for her and at 90 years old its hard to keep up with. I just can't imagine a world that they are not together. They are made for eachother and my heart aches for her. It just doesn't feel right. We will keep on going on and look forward to our reunion someday.

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